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wedding dress,A word shoulder of marriage gauze, always give a person darling female of feeling, so many exquisite compact bride will choose such style.


Suitable for: she is thin and exquisite bride.
Not suitable for:
Second-ranking shoulder wider girl.
Second-ranking chest small mm.
V gets style. marriage gauze:
V gets you can not only keep out the shoulder and upper arms meat meat, can also appears slender neck.
Suitable for: plump mm.

wedding dress, Not suitable for: bone feeling the bride and chest smaller bride.
The marriage gauze of inclined shoulder to person sex appeal and lively gas feeling. Many maverick girl would choose such style. But choose this style 

marriage gauze must be careful clipping and handiwork, if clipping undeserved, thin shoulder pull tight or too loose, affects the entire chest effect, can appear even 

chest to one side slants embarrassment.
Suitable for:
wedding dress,Second-ranking shoulder comparative broad and straight mm.
Second-ranking chest compared the fullness of the bride.
Not suitable for:

Second-ranking shoulder narrower.
Second-ranking chest small mm.
wedding dress,LiLing marriage gauze:
Customized LiLing marriage gauze bride not many, many girls feel LiLing marriage gauze enough lady, not sexy, also not frisky enough. But the super thin mm figure, the 

choice LiLing marriage gauze will wear out the result that expect is less than. If you only have a few jins, more than 70 bone feeling beauty also thin the ring, so 

please select LiLing marriage gauze try
Suitable for: she is tall and thin type MM
Not suitable for: plump type, the figure is shorter small MM
A round collar:

If you are a bone-crunching compact, and opened a baby face bride, the choice of a round collar marriage gauze is again appropriate did not pass.
Suitable for: shape exquisite bride. (a baby-face bride is not suitable for through the marriage gauze) in sexy.
Not suitable for: figure is higher, very stout bride.
wedding dress,Fang brought:
Choose marriage gauze, most upsetting count figure fat mm, always want to choose a paragraph, can keep out the upper arm, and meat meat conceal plump bosom marriage 

gauze. This time we want to consider a wedding gown. Below brought
Suitable for: plump type MM.
wedding dress, Not suitable for: very slender type MM.
Scoop-back marriage gauze:
Scoop-back were divided into small V scoop-back (dew to central spine, probably underwear with position) and big V scoop-back (shows wedding dress, the whole back to 

the waist, even coccyx, first a sweat). V suitable for various shape MM, as long as you back not many meat meat, can wear this style. But the big V scoop-back can not 

so simple, first you must have the beautiful Withers, then your waist can't have tires oh, have your shoulder to flat. Due to the perennial back satchel and make the 

shoulders inclined MM will give up the chance of revealed girth prominently ~ ~ ~
wedding dress, Suitable for: a figure forceful/thin/shoulder straight bride.
Not suitable for: back and waist with meat meat, shoulders tilt of the bride.
Peng skirt skirt:
Peng skirt is marriage gauze skirt is the most common design, usually put on various bustle, would peng out different effect, (bustle classification I next detailed 

introduction, because category also quite complicated. Peng skirt suitable for various shape of mm, especially crotch wider, coxal plump mm, wear so curcumenol skirt 

is can rise very good occlusion of the effect.
Suitable for: all sorts of figure mm (hip, hip plump suits especially)
Not suitable for: shape of small mm, do not suit looks very peng skirt is placed, that would appear insufficient slim.
Fishplate skirt wedding dress:
Fishplate skirt dazzing, is the place of highlights feminine elegance line, stylist is proper, can cut the bride slender figure reveal undoubtedly, make slim waists 

and props up crotch form. contrast. Figure scale, curve good mm don't pass up this show figure good opportunity. Also want friendship remind the bride-to-be, this kind 

of skirt walk not quite convenient along.
Suitable for: slim/figure scale, curve good bride.
wedding dress, Not suitable for: the more, coxal fleshy meat too plump and descend a body is not quite slender mm.
Type A skirt:
Nature, the fashion is type A skirt quickly become important reasons. It can be tie-in bustle, display a solemn, elegance, and can abandon bitter fleabane bitter 

fleabane that feeling, make a person pure and fresh and comfortable bride. Suitable for any shape mm.
Short skirt:
wedding dress, Short skirt marriage gauze is avant-courier, additional kind, rich individual character the bride's choice.
Suitable for: personality, have a pair of beautiful leg avant-garde bride.
Wearing bad-tail marriage gauze, hand in hand with the person I love walked along red carpet, is a girl's dream, but considering the wedding day, the need to keep 

walking back and forth, toast on March 9th, the bridegroom bandwagon, by holding... Various big movement under, wearing bad-tail marriage gauze is really not quite 

convenient. But, in order to try and make you have a romantic, the perfect wedding, bride-to-be might custom-made one small bad-tail gown look.
Small bad-tail advantages:
1, wear comfortable, forsaking lightweight. purple bridesmaid dresses 

2, enough woman, enough romantic.
3, province (.
4, suitable for various shape mm.
In trailing
Towing length is the most suitable popular blanket, neither need flower, also need not worry to be trampled caused embarrassment. But remember ~ ~ find a hard-working 

bridesmaids, because get on and off the bus, stairs, photo taking... All need someone to help the bride to play with his marriage gauze tail oh
tea length wedding dress, Suitable for: all sorts of figure bride.
Not suitable for: figure too skinny bride.
Big trailing tea length wedding dress,:
Suitable for: tall bride, had better have lovely flower skirt holds the tail.
Not suitable for: short stature bride tea length wedding dress,.
Marriage gauze accessories - veiljunior bridesmaid dresses
Veil materials for grid yarn. According to the hardness, divided into hard yarn and soft gauze
Hard yarn features: grid is larger, hardness is strong, can create a very peng effect.
Faults: enough elegant tea length wedding dress,
Soft gauze is most mm like, enough elegant, enough to hang down suitable, of course the price also is on the high side.
Friendship with marriage gauze veil best advice: according to the marriage gauze of custom-built, together with details characteristics or same color satin, or the black bridesmaid dresses

same lace, can rise coordinates series tea length wedding dress,flower girl dress






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