How to choose a wedding flowers floral division with a wedding dress

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You want to have a romantic wedding? Flowers of course there is no less. Whether the ornamental design or ceremony on table ornamental design, all need flower the 

teacher according to you settle wedding color fundamental key and whole environment design, so you want to choose a qualified flower the teacher.

At present, floral designs in China is a rising industry, general domestic star-rated hotel or office florist have so of designer, and in flowers market commonly 

inside will not be easy to find, but if you ask flower market the shopkeeper asked, they also can be recommended to you professional designer.

In choosing flower the teacher should pay attention to:Cheap Wedding Dresses 

1, and see whether designer with overseas institutions, such as: in the Netherlands, Germany and Japan and other countries floral organization to issue the 


2, professional designer will generally for a star hotel services, through the hotel put flower, can understand his design capabilities.

3 and his floral designs whether fashion? Do you often participate in some fashion kind activity, for international famous brand conferences or store done flowers 


4, see designer to give you the pictures, make sure his picture is not adaptations.
5, whether he did the wedding flower decoration? If he did recently by flowers design wedding, you can personally visit them.

6, see flower the teacher style. fits your wedding, if not suitable for, although he promised can undertake technical modification, but let a professional personage to 

change his style. is risky, it is often hard to change too perfect.Bridesmaids Dresses

7 and ask him to prepare for a wedding all the flowers, need how many aides, whether in your wedding before decorate good now.

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