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She was vexed to see that. was so little accustomed to go alone!The appeal of her helplessness touched in him. Once or twice of late she had won a large sum. I swep' 'em out on Saturdays. who wears Indian jewelry and botanizes! She made Gus take her all through the glass-houses yesterday. she did not. Percy Gryce's future as combined with her own. Kids Nike Dunk that in her present surroundings there was small hope of resisting it. Trenor accepted her resumption of the morning's task with a sigh which implied that. since Trenor had assured her that she was certain not to lose." She smiled a little unkindly. and clasped them on her knee to steady them; but her lip trembled too. She paused again. to prove to her that. relaxing the tension of her attitude. but the blackness of the ink proved the writing to be comparatively recent." she explained; and he agreed that so simple a remedy was worth trying. Miss Bart was a keen reader of her own heart.""Success?" She hesitated. It was a shock to her to learn afterward that he was but two years older than her mother. He would kiss her in silence. was never lit except when there was company. She had just time to take her seat before the train started; but having arranged herself in her corner with the instinctive feeling for effect which never forsook her. and she was afraid of acquiring so expensive a taste. and Lily had been kind to him at Bellomont. governesses--or widows. without extraneous assistance. showed him to be so completely free from them that he was not afraid of her proximity. but suppressed the words which seemed about to accompany it. Hudson Bart had appeared young; but Lily could not recall the time when her father had not been bald and slightly stooping. from the slippery gloss of the vestibule tiles. you know. Trenor's vigorous comments. Gryce had a kind of impersonal benevolence: cases of individual need she regarded with suspicion. he gradually came to regard it as such.""That's almost as bad as marrying Dillworth. who raised his hat with a surprised exclamation. Something in his attitude of conscious absorption told her that he was aware of her presence: no one had ever been quite so engrossed in an evening paper! She guessed that he was too shy to come up to her. and it did not take her long to learn that a beauty needs more tact than the possessor of an average set of features."He had seated himself on an arm of the chair near which she was standing. to whom her guests have become mere whirling spots in a kaleidoscope of fatigue; then her attention became suddenly fixed. that's nice of you. Molly said she never saw her looking better; she was in tremendous spirits. that the links of her bracelet seemed like manacles chaining her to her fate. "That shows how seldom you come there. when they gratified her sense of beauty and her craving for the external finish of life; there were others when they gave a sharper edge to the meagreness of her own opportunities. Her own fastidiousness had its eye fixed on the world.She could not herself have explained the sense of buoyancy which seemed to lift and swing her above the sun-suffused world at her feet. I don't know what effect they are going to have on me--but if marrying you is one of them. not a blush of excitement but drawn from the deep wells of feeling; it was as if the effort of her spirit had produced it. and letting his eyes rest on her in the frank enjoyment of her grace.A special appositeness was given to these reflections by the discovery. he added." she said. where they found themselves alone between two acts. Let me light a cigar. . you know. Everything about him accorded with the fastidious element in her taste. one drawing deep breaths of freedom and exhilaration. the intense blue rays of sapphires kindled into light by surrounding diamonds: all these precious Nike Air Terra Humara enhanced and deepened by the varied art of their setting. I had a long sickness last winter. "I thought I should never catch up with you. Lily and her companion reached a zone of lingering summer. so that Lily imbibed the idea that if people lived like pigs it was from choice. I made a lucky 'turn'--is that what you call it? For you make a great many yourself. He was a coarse dull man who. I always have horrid luck about the Bishop's visits. If she had had the presence of mind to let Rosedale drive her to the station. Lily felt really virtuous as she dispensed the sum in sops to her tradesmen. It could certainly not be the fault of Mrs. rose against the other feeling. My father and mother used to live like fighting-cocks on their income. Fisher reddened under her powder. In ordinary talk they might have passed unheeded; but following on her prolonged pause they acquired a special meaning. Her cheek burned at the recollection. She looked at Lily as the latter approached: her look was terrible. In his own mind there was only a lazy sense of pleasure."She had turned to gaze on him gravely. the concession might have purchased his silence. Haffen's hand doubtless contained more letters of the same kind--a dozen. who was doing his best to make room for her by getting out of the train." he returned. It was impossible to believe that she had herself ever been a focus of activities."I daresay it is true. Why should she have been angry? It was the voice of her own conscience which spoke to her through Mrs. and Gus says she told some one she meant to stop here all winter. Where duty and inclination jumped together. you must find me a place at once. But I hope she won't take it into her head to be nice to him. as Lily explained to Mr. made more odious by its diminutive."The greatest of favours. a girl who married him would always have enough to be comfortable. prompt to perceive her hesitation. and so keep the obligation on his side. Now. at any rate--and the advantage of escaping part of the service. "If I had. with that mixture of artistic sensibility and business astuteness which characterizes his race. literally. "Don't Nike Aqua Sock Classic think. and she reflected that Selden's coming. She wanted to get away from herself. Lily. They were mostly cousins.It was a hateful fate--but how escape from it? What choice had she? To be herself. "I envy Gerty that power she has of dressing up with romance all our ugly and prosaic arrangements! I have never recovered my self-respect since you showed me how poor and unimportant my ambitions were. Van Osburgh. Her naturally good temper had been disciplined by years of enforced compliance. and the seven-by-five painting of Niagara which represented the one artistic excess of Mr. her brute of a husband having neglected to replenish her case before they parted that morning. It is nothing--but you had better go upstairs; and don't talk to the servants. and closed the door when they had entered. by imperceptible gradations of glance and manner."Is it quite right--I haven't made it too strong?" she asked solicitously; and he replied with conviction that he had never tasted better tea. like the sinuous draperies she affected."But I have no engagement with Mr. LILY. and she continued to face him in silence. I assure you. now you've got what you wanted out of me. She had fancied at first that it would be easy to draw her aunt into the whirl of her own activities. she is free and I am not.""Or the stowaways. grey interludes of economy and brilliant reactions of expense--such was the setting of Lily Bart's first memories. Peniston should be alarmed by it into reconsidering her decision."Miss Bart felt an inward motion of annoyance: it was distasteful enough to hear her name coupled with Trenor's.Mrs.The char-woman. Trenor's theory that her daughters actually did go to church every Sunday; but their French governess's convictions calling her to the rival fane. "It was some money I lost at bridge at the Van Osburghs'. neither. Rosedale's acquaintances. that awful fact overshadowed even her father's slow and difficult Nike Zoom Macropus She had made no reply to his suggestion that they should spend the afternoon together. They disapprove of Carry Fisher. and it ought not to make any difference; but if I'M old enough. and as allusions to his library abounded in the pages of these journals. if she appeared to weaken. the years had taught her a salutary lesson. and Lily could not help joining in the laugh with which he had pounced on the truth." Mrs. he was bound to do all he could to protect her from the results of her disinterestedness. do look at this diamond pendant--it's as big as a dinner-plate! Who can have given it?" Miss Farish bent short-sightedly over the accompanying card. She was not above the inconsistency of charging fate. and Mrs. "I wish I could--but it's quite impossible. and of the opportunities the restitution offered; but this thought lit up abysses from which she shrank back ashamed. Miss; I'm coming to that. Dorset unaccounted for. and between the yellow boughs she caught a perspective of hedges and parterres leading by degrees of lessening formality to the free undulations of the park. knew all about them: young Mr. Trenor. And who else is there? Alice Wetherall won't let Lucius out of her sight. Dorset's letters. turning to Miss Bart with lugubrious merriment--"I beg your pardon.The luncheon table showed a depleted circle."Her eyes sought his once more. I am quite willing to accept the imputation. but Lily. Her faculty for "managing" deserted her. Trenor continued for nearly an hour to admonish her friend. I don't suppose the buyers of Americana sit up reading them all night--old Jefferson Gryce certainly didn't. But some intuitive repugnance. must submit to more boredom. I suppose?""I should fancy so--except to the historian. you must think my ambitions are good enough for me. in her own person. you see; I simply like to have good editions of the books I am fond of. however; for when he leaned nearer and drew down her hands with a gesture less passionate than grave. found herself scanning her little world through his retina: it was as though the pink lamps had been shut off and the dusty daylight let in. "have you made up your mind which of these little trinkets you mean to duplicate at Tiffany's tomorrow? I've got a cheque for you in my pocket that will go a long way in that line!"Lily gave him a startled look: his voice was louder than usual. or rather.Indoors there was a general sense of dispersal in Nike Pyroclast air. the effort was no longer worth making. a bull-terrier. studying herself in the mirror while she adjusted her veil. however. She no longer meant to destroy them: that intention had been effaced by the quick corrosion of Mrs. Was it love." he interrupted himself. and went without sugar in their tea to keep their darling afloat.All her life Lily had seen money go out as quickly as it came in." said Lily. I don't know that I can promise you a fresh tip every day. IF YOU WOULD FORGIVE YOUR ENEMY. who.The two women looked up in surprise; though it was a Saturday. and I've mislaid the list and can't remember who is coming.""And that nice little balcony is yours? How cool it looks up there!"He paused a moment. Lily and her companion reached a zone of lingering summer. when she first came out. and because I am not as smartly dressed as the other women." Mrs. was worthwhile. she went on: "Molly thought Mrs. Ned's case was familiar to Lily: she had seen his charming eyes--which had a good deal more poetry in them than the sonnets--change from surprise to amusement. and the groom on the doorstep; and still the lady did not come. and was fully aware of the extent to which Mrs. and remained with her. too? Oh. hateful as it was to do so in Selden's presence. She yielded up the reins of the light runabout in which she had driven over."No. the day was to end more favourably than it had begun.""Ah. the charming fair boy now seated in abject rapture at the elbow of Mrs." Her eyes wandered down one of the side-streets. and the idea turned her dislike of him to repugnance. certainly--I have never concealed from you how great. looking stouter than ever in his tight frock-coat."Oh. but she subscribed to Institutions when their annual reports showed an impressive surplus."Lily's mind had reverted from the intrusive personality of Mr."Lily. I daresay I could manage to be happy even in her flat. "for I did a very neat stroke of business.""I know--I know---" She paused. and recalled the image she had brought away from her own glass. I guess it's mine as much as anybody's. you'd wonder why he's alive; I suppose he's leather inside too. had they been coupled with Mrs. She questioned him intelligently. Bart and Lily went to Europe for the summer. Indeed. and was the less likely to overstep them because they were so purely instinctive. She saw the Wetheralls just after they had stopped with you at Bellomont."Don't be foolish. and she was often bored by the relation of her friend's philanthropic efforts. and the first year's financial report showed so deplorably small a balance that Miss Farish. Peniston and learn from that lady how she managed to prevent the kitchen-maid's smuggling groceries out of the house. of training. Her own stout person and its surrounding implements took up so much room that Lily. I will take the risk. Why should she have to suffer for having once. I came with Gerty Farish. Lily. The crude forms in which her friends took their pleasure included a loud enjoyment of such complications: the zest of surprising destiny in the act of playing a practical joke." Mrs. and a knowing smile drew up his moustache. well. Perhaps it was not. and I can tell you he's a chap it pays to be decent to. and they were ready to admit her to their ranks and let her lord it with them.The prospect of the nice quiet talk did not appear as all-sufficing to Trenor as she had hoped. and she was conscious of marking each step in their acquaintance by a fresh blunder. too? Oh.The perception of this fact helped her to answer gaily: "It's not often I have the chance. Their waste-paper baskets 'd be fairly brimming.It was so pleasant to sit there looking up at her. going over her furs. well.She had no idea of reading the letters; even to unfold Mrs. she was amazingly pretty. she turned a calm face to Lily. But meanwhile she had the morning to herself. As a cousin of the bridegroom.About this time she was farther cheered by an invitation to spend the Thanksgiving week at a camp in the Adirondacks. Suddenly her expression changed from desultory enjoyment to active conjecture. the use she made of it. The glare of the unshaded gas shone familiarly on her pock-marked face and the reddish baldness visible through thin strands of straw-coloured hair. you know. which gave an idealizing touch to her most prosaic purposes. My maid came up this morning to do some shopping for me. She seemed always to have seen him through a blur--first of sleepiness. FIRST INFLICT A HURT ON HIM; and Lily was experiencing the truth of the apothegm. She liked their elegance. there was seldom any one present to verify the fact. She was not above the inconsistency of charging fate. Peniston against which her niece's efforts spent themselves in vain.""The privilege of driving me home? Well. Well. only stupidity could explain the lamentable denouement of some of her examples. she was astute enough to perceive the wisdom of committing herself entirely to that lady's guidance.For a long time she had refused to play bridge. and when she turned back into the room her father was sitting with both elbows on the table. and the lustre conferred on him by being a member of this group of rich and conspicuous people. drifted away from her after a moment.""What?""The fact that you don't want to marry me. as they drove homeward. imagine herself. Dorset tartly. sauntered on through the empty drawing-room to the library at the end of the house. I should hate that. Rosedale about getting Haffen taken on again at the Benedick--I seen you talking to Mr. as though it were some weapon she had slowly fashioned for her vengeance."While she spoke she had loosened the string from the parcel in her hand. Have you seen Evie? She's been looking everywhere for you: she wanted to tell you her little secret; but I daresay you have guessed it already. But she doesn't dare lose her hold of him on account of the money. my dear Miss Bart. and as Lily. oppressed by a sudden conviction of failure.As she sat. and she hailed it with a desperate gesture. now. Mr. and would inevitably connect the allusion with her visit to himself. But some intuitive repugnance. but her laugh reassured him. if distasteful to her vanity." he grumbled. and the mingled odour of sapolio and furniture-polish that met her at the door. And she wanted me to promise that I wouldn't do over the drawing-room. with her famous lashes drooped above a prayer-book. who had entered the same establishment with the modest object of having her watch repaired. She looked at Lily as the latter approached: her look was terrible. for the party. Lily reflected; but it Nike Dunk Low be soon.Miss Bart was turning to carry the letters upstairs when she heard the opening of the outer door. a quick vision of returning the packet to Bertha Dorset. laughing. and she continued to face him in silence. with the air of a strayed Arcadian who has published chamung sonnets in his college journal."I really think. On the present occasion. Peniston was Mr. perceiving that the irrepressible annoyance on her face was reflected in the sudden intimacy of his smile. to tell me about the republic of the spirit. he might have inferred that he had come on her in the act of transition between one and another of the country-houses which disputed her presence after the close of the Newport season; but her desultory air perplexed him. and if she'd only ask him to dine now and then I could get almost anything out of him."I say. which may be used either stupidly or intelligently. Haffen raised a suspicious glance: she was too experienced not to know that the traffic she was engaged in had perils as great as its rewards. After attaining his majority. and oblong envelopes which were allowed to gather dust in the depths of a bronze jar; a series of French and English maids giving warning amid a chaos of hurriedly-ransacked wardrobes and dress-closets; an equally changing dynasty of nurses and footmen; quarrels in the pantry. and it did not take her long to learn that a beauty needs more tact than the possessor of an average set of features. passed her lace handkerchief between the helmet and its visor. the years had taught her a salutary lesson. "It's too delightful of you to be so nice to him. it was not in Lily's nature to hold them asunder. Mrs.Lily was nineteen when circumstances caused her to revise her view of the universe. had instantly gravitated toward Miss Bart. a pleasure so exquisite and excessive that it seemed a compensation for his shrinking from publicity. Peniston. Peniston.She was smaller and thinner than Lily Bart. She New Womens Nike Dunk High very little at that moment about being seen with Rosedale: all her thoughts were centred on the object of her search. were serving her to such good purpose that she began to think her visit to him had been the luckiest incident of the day. in a church packed with fashion and festooned with orchids. when they came upon Mrs. But even to her own conscience she must trump up a semblance of defence. Miss Bart was a keen reader of her own heart.In the woody hollows of the park there was already a faint chill; but as the ground rose the air grew lighter. the high-road ran between the fields. had to gather up her skirts and brush against the wall. of course--how stupid of me--I understand. and she was struck by her friend's air of dejection. you see; I simply like to have good editions of the books I am fond of. Trenor's greeting deepened her irritation. Lady Cressida had evidently insisted on walking home. She felt. well. and I hope he will keep his illusions long enough to write some nice poetry about them; but do you think it is only in society that he is likely to lose them?"Selden answered her with a shrug. "Why do we call all our generous ideas illusions.Mrs. Peniston was the owner of a country-place in New Jersey. which she remembered feeling. If I could only do over my aunt's drawing-room I know I should be a better woman. How should she have distrusted her powers? Her beauty itself was not the mere ephemeral possession it might have been in the hands of inexperience: her skill in enhancing it. I don't mean that; he wouldn't believe it of you--at first. drawing back with a little smile of warning--"I shall look hideous in dowdy clothes; but I can trim my own hats. their flight over. She felt. Her hand travelled toward the outspread letters. Trenor cast up her eyes in despair."Been up to town for a little shopping.Mr. the exact manner between victory and defeat: every insinuation was shed without an effort by the bright indifference of her manner. "Just two hours to wait. the volcanic nether side of the surface over which conjecture and innuendo glide so lightly till the first fissure turns their whisper to a shriek. Lily?" she plaintively concluded.A world in which such things could be seemed a miserable place to Lily Bart; but then she had never been able to understand the laws of a universe which was so ready to leave her out of its calculations. Peniston against which her niece's efforts spent themselves in vain. Fight your way out of it somehow--you're young and can do it. With so much time to talk. The truth was.In the hansom she leaned back with a sigh. for her own course was guided by as nice calculations.""No--I heard her tell Bertha Dorset that she had six months to put in while her husband was taking the cure in the Engadine. and deposited the letters within it."She drew a sympathetic breath. since the most unpromising might be useful later on. Now she was beginning to chafe at the obligations it imposed.It was not that Miss Bart was afraid of losing her newly-acquired hold over Mr. Presently she heard a tread behind her on the terrace. How different they had seemed to her a few hours ago! Then they had symbolized what she was gaining. Bart criticized."How do you know the other women don't go to my dress-maker?" she returned. And so why not take the plunge and have it over?"She shrugged her shoulders." She smiled a little unkindly. however." she returned. would merely be led to dwell on the advantage of always having a companion to make one's tea in the train. but I am not always surrounded by an admiring throng. She could not even pause to smile over the heiress's view of a colossal fortune as a mere shelter against want: her mind was filled with the vision of what that shelter might have been to her. with its softly-shaded lights. and the rest of the church-goers had thought it their duty to accompany her. from Gus Trenor."Well. who knew her in India."Yes; he is very good about dropping in on Sundays. As she did so a step sounded behind her. though her attitude was as calm as his. come. Lily?" she plaintively concluded.Selden looked at her with solemnity. All day he was "down town"; and in winter it was long after nightfall when she heard his fagged step on the stairs and his hand on the school-room door. "Judy has no idea of what she spends--not that there isn't plenty to keep the thing going. such a privilege was likely to cost more than it was worth. Some of 'em is worse than others. The windows stood open to the sparkling freshness of the September morning. and was fully aware of the extent to which Mrs. it may be that as he poured his grievances into it he was not insensible to its rosy symmetry. bag and baggage. it was the mere MALUM PROHIBITUM which the world decries but condones. It was not that she wanted them to be more disinterested; but she would have liked them to be more picturesque. It seems to be the mere rarity that attracts the average collector. asking which were the rarest volumes. Lily had not quite reconciled herself to the necessity of appearing as Rosedale's guest on so conspicuous an occasion. a girl who married him would always have enough to be comfortable. Lily. Mrs. They disapprove of Carry Fisher.Lily rose and undressed in haste. she turned on him a face softened but not disfigured by emotion. .Trenor. managed it for me. he was struck with the irony of suggesting to her such a life as his cousin Gertrude Farish had chosen. keeping between herself and the char-woman the greatest distance compatible with the need of speaking in low tones. He was a mournful dyspeptic. and across the valley a clear moon rose in the denser blue. on the probable date of the next "big rise. "Well."When I was Judy's friend? Am I not her friend still? Really. Miss. instead. with only a light feathering of undergrowth; the path wound along the edge of the wood. Lily's thoughts were dogged by the consciousness of Trenor's shadowy claim. who drew her apart as they left the luncheon-table. She returned wearily to the thought of Percy Gryce. was as much bored by her excellent cousin as the recipient of such services usually is by the person who performs them. Bart dropped into a chair. What chance could such a simpleton have against her if she chose to exert herself? She glanced about. "If I had. if you were not here. and departed clutching a box of wedding-cake. accordingly. These. I wish you'd try to persuade Judy to be decently civil to that chap. to her determination to get on; and. tried to reckon up what she had spent during the day. Trenor's unconsciousness of the real stress of the situation had the effect of making it more galling to Lily. the young man continued to live with his mother in Albany; but on Jefferson Gryce's death. "I can't make that kind of marriage; it's impossible. Fisher's methods. Mrs. would suffice to render him innocuous."Good bye. He had no wish to make her talk; her quick-breathing silence seemed a part of the general hush and harmony of things. and the rest of the church-goers had thought it their duty to accompany her. with the air of people bound for a dull "At Home. "have been known to enjoy the privileges of a flat. leaning slightly against the jamb of the window. on the contrary. Lily could discover neither Gryce nor the youngest Miss Van Osburgh. Let me light a cigar. as a man of honour. a man moved toward her from the knot of smokers. Well."If you hadn't told me you were going in for him seriously--but I'm sure you made that plain enough from the beginning! Why else did you ask me to let you off bridge. and on the way up to her room she was arrested on the landing by an encroaching tide of soapsuds. as they reached an open ledge of rock above which the beeches rose steeply between mossy boulders. and there was a surprise. and Jack Stepney. A few years ago it had sufficed her: she had taken her daily meed of pleasure without caring who provided it. Dorset to keep her room till the afternoon; but on this occasion she drifted in when luncheon was half over. imagine herself. and she had helped Mr.She waited while the spark flickered under his curved palm; then he held out the cigarettes to her."Lily gave a slight laugh. Fisher's methods.






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