IKA 古老仪器,品质见证 - 召集“品质见证人”

2011-1-06 10:52 来源: 广州仪科实验室技术有限公司(德国IKA



  作为IKA®的忠诚客户的您,还拥有IKA® 的古老仪器吗?若有,那您就有机会成为IKA®的“品质见证人”。


  1. 2001年1月1日以前购买IKA® 仪器,并至今仍能使用该仪器的客户,均可报名参加,成为IKA® “品质见证人”。

  2. 凡使用IKA® 单台仪器时间超过10年,而使用时间最长的5名“品质见证人”,均可成为IKA® “品质见证人”特别使者。

  所使用的IKA® 古老仪器不限实验室产品或分析仪器。


  1. “品质见证人”:多名。可获得精美礼品和证书,可及时获得IKA® 通讯

  2. “品质见证人”特别使者:5名。可获得:a.精美礼品和证书,IKA® 通讯;b.可用现有古老仪器换取IKA® 关联产品(换取产品待定);c.免费保修IKA® 仪器一年(2011年11月1日-2012年10月31日)

  报名方式:登陆IKA® 中国官网 www.ikaasia.com/心动促销 报名;或电话咨询IKA® 中国。



  Valid Period : from January 1, 2011 to September 30, 2011

  Dear IKA® customers,

  IKA® just celebrated her 1st 100-year anniversary, and is now starting the 2nd 100-year Journey.

  As IKA® loyal customers, have you still any antique devices from IKA® ? If so, you would have the opportunity to become IKA® “Quality witness”!

  Who can register:

  1.Customers who purchased IKA® products before January 1, 2001 and are using these products daily can register to be an IKA® “Quality witness”!

  2.Top five customers using an antique IKA® device over 10 years would become the Envoys of IKA® “ Quality witness”!

  The above mentioned antique IKA® devices can be either laboratory products or analytical ones.


  1.All registered “ Quality Witness” will receive gifts, IKA certificate and regular IKA® newsletters.

  2.Five Envoys of IKA “ Quality Witness” will receive: a. gift, IKA certificate plus regular IKA® newsletters;b. the right to exchange an IKA® antique device with nominated new products ( for more information about this please contact IKA® WORKS GUANGZHOU directly), and c. One year free service warranty (November 1, 2011 – October 31, 2012)

  How to register:

  Visit the official website of China www.ikaasia.com ; or call IKA® WORKS GUANGZHOU.

  Valid Territory: Greater China; South Korea