Bruker AXS发布新型Q4 TASMAN™ CCD光电直读光谱

2009-3-06 01:11 来源: 分析测试百科译
Bruker AXS在Q4 TASMAN上提供多种面向不同分析任务的解决方案

      (EMAILWIRE.COM, March 11, 2008 ) 新奥尔良,– 在上周的Pittcon 2008上,Bruker AXS公司宣布推出新型Q4 TASMAN™——基于最新一流技术的台式 CCD检测的光电直读光谱仪(CCD-based spark-OES spectrometer)。Q4 TASMAN可实现更短的测量循环/更高检测通量,提高了稳定性、精密度,并获得比当今市场上现有CCD光谱仪更低的检测限。


      在Q4 TASMAN直读光谱仪上,Bruker AXS提供了各种解决方案,用于各种分析任务:Bruker 分析方法组件(ASP)可适用于各种各样的基体,以及它们相关的合金元素。对于所有主要的合金组,Q4 TASMAN都提供了校正和质量数据库,使用各种版本控制。它使用强大的基于视窗的软件,和Bruker Quantron的其它闻名于世的火花直读光谱仪:台式Q6 COLUMBUS 和最高端的Q8 MAGELLAN。

      “简单的常规分析,优化的分析性能和有效节省花费的操作,最短的维护时间,这是用于开发领先卓越性能光电直读光谱仪的准则。” Bruker AXS副总裁Georg Schick说,“在Bruker,我们设计和开发了先进的光电直读光谱仪,来满足或超越我们客户的需求。


Bruker AXS Releases the new Q4 TASMAN™ Advanced CCD-based
Bruker AXS offers the Q4 TASMAN with various dedicated solutions for analytical tasks

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 11, 2008 ) NEW ORLEANS – At Pittcon 2008 last week, Bruker AXS announced the release of its new Q4 TASMAN™, a benchtop CCD-based spark-OES spectrometer based on the very latest state-of-the-art technologies. It provides shorter measurement cycles, improved stability, improved precision and lower limits of detection than existing CCD spectrometers in the market.

Bruker’s ClearSpectrum technology, a combination of highest pixel resolution on CCD detectors and powerful firmware, provides excellent performance in a very compact design. Measurement cycles are now up to 30 times faster. These shorter measurement times improve efficiency and can increase clients’ profitability. A newly designed spark stand with co-axial argon flow directs gas right onto the burn spot area, eliminating the need for any standby flow and improving accuracy, especially when analyzing small samples and wires.

Bruker AXS offers the Q4 TASMAN with various dedicated solutions for analytical tasks: Bruker Analytical Solution Packages (ASP) are available for various matrices and their relevant alloying elements. The Q4 TASMAN provides calibration for all major alloy groups and quality libraries with version control. It shares its powerful Windows-based software with Bruker Quantron’s other well regarded spark-OES spectrometers: the bench-top Q6 COLUMBUS and the high-end Q8 MAGELLAN.

“Simple routine handling, optimal analytical performance and cost effective operation with minimal maintenance were the guidelines for the development leading to this new outstanding optical emission spectrometer,” said Bruker AXS Vice President Georg Schick. “At Bruker, we design and develop advanced optical emission spectrometers to meet or exceed our customers’ analytical needs.”