AB SCIEX与GeneBio合作提高质谱库互动检索能力

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SmileMS软件增强了 LC/MS/MS 系统对小分子的识别能力

  生命科学分析技术的全球领先者——AB Sciex公司与Geneva Bioinformatics (GeneBio) SA 公司在今天宣布,他们将联手开发解决方案,以提高科学家快速筛选大量分子的能力。GeneBio公司开发的SmileMS软件提供了先进的库检索功能,可应用于业界领先的AB Sciex公司的质谱仪器。AB SCIEX公司的解决方案和SmileMS软件将在本周圣地亚哥举办的临床实验室质谱应用(MSACL)会议上展示。

  该解决方案已在多个领域中,应用于对目标化合物和未知物的筛查。例如,德国柏林临床毒理学和毒物信息中心毒理学研究所(BBGes),正在使用AB SCIEX质谱仪并结合SmileMS软件的快速数据管理能力,来进行复杂的、生物基质中外源性化合物的筛查。该实验室主任Thomas Grobosch和他的团队已成功地将SmileMS软件应用于AB SCIEX质谱上。

  SmileMS可以在AB SCIEX公司多个系统上实现,包括三重四极杆和QTRAP®系统,以及用于高性能定性和定量分析的最快速、最高灵敏度的新型Triple TOF™5600质谱系统。SmileMS可以处理宽范围数据,包括高精度的MS和MS/MS数据。GeneBio是AB SCIEX公司Analyst® and “可立快”Cliquid® 软件的补充,并与AB SCIEX公司的用于法医、农药、兽药和抗生素分析的LC/MS/MS谱库完全兼容。为适应快速常规分析,SmileMS还可以对食品检测、药物研究、环境检测和生物医学研究中的结果进行深度评价。

  GeneBio公司首席执行官Nasri Nahas说到:“AB SCIEX公司的客户将拥有SmileMS超一流的软件功能来用质谱对小分子进行鉴定,开展快速的常规分析以及深入的研究。我们非常高兴能和AB SCIEX公司合作,AB SCIEX是质谱技术的全球领先者,并在质谱领域设立了创新的基调。该合作将帮助我们更加专注于软件的开发,从而继续为客户提供更为强大的解决方案,以满足客户的需求。”

  AB SCIEX公司副总裁兼临床研究业务部应用市场经理Joe Anacleto说到:“我们将会继续与如GeneBio这样的公司合作,为我们的客户提供对分析物的识别和可视化的增值服务。我们相信SmileMS软件与AB SCIEX质谱仪器的集成,将会给临床、法医毒理等领域的研究分析带来新的机会。”

  临床毒理学和毒物信息中心毒理学研究所实验室负责人Thomas Grobosch博士讲到:“从AB SCIEX无论低分辨还是高分辨仪器上采集的数据,都可使用SmilleMS软件来优化地鉴定药物、毒物以及毒素的代谢物。这些结果将有助于机构在提供专门化实验室服务方面的能力提高。”


  AB SCIEX是生命科学分析技术开发领域的全球领先企业,帮助科学家应对复杂的科学挑战。公司提供科学仪器、软件和服务,用于发现新药、促进医学科学发展、 保护食品供应链和环境。AB SCIEX的技术解决方案结合了最高的性能和最高的稳定性,确保我们的用户进行科学发现、可靠地传递结果和提高生命质量。AB SCIEX拥有近超过20年的创新历史,在市场中一直出于领先地位,其前身为美国应用生物系统公司(Applied Biosystems)和美迪希(MDS)实验仪器公司的合资企业。更多资料请访问官网:www.absciex.com


  Geneva Bioinformatics (GeneBio) SA 是一家领先的生物信息学的公司,该公司主要提供世界一流的生命科学领域的信息采集和知识数据库软件。公司成立于1997年,致力于为小分子筛选和蛋白质研究提供配套的软件平台和知识库。完整的分销网络,与学术同行、战略合作伙伴的密切联系,使我们拥有简单获取科学成就的方法,并得到公认的市场占有率,GeneBio公司将努力最好地服务于科学界。欲了解更多信息,请浏览公司网站:www.genebio.com .


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AB SCIEX and GeneBio Team Up to Improve Interactive Library Searching for Mass Spectrometry

SmileMS to increase functionality for small molecule identification on LC/MS/MS systems

  FOSTER CITY, Calif. and GENEVA -February 8, 2011.

  AB SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, and Geneva Bioinformatics (GeneBio) SA today announced that they will co-market joint solutions to improve the ability of scientists to conduct rapid screening of large sets of molecules. GeneBio's SmileMS software provides advanced library searching capabilities that can be used with AB SCIEX's industry-leading mass spectrometers and software applications. AB SCIEX solutions and SmileMS software are on display at the Mass Spectrometry Applications for the Clinical Laboratory (MSACL) conference in San Diego this week.

  These joint solutions are already being used for both targeted and unknown screening in numerous fields. For example, the Institute of Toxicology in the Clinical Toxicology and Poison Information Centre (BBGes) in Berlin, Germany is using AB SCIEX technology combined with SmileMS for rapid data management in support of comprehensive results for the screening of xenobiotics in biological matrices. Thomas Grobosch, PhD, head of the laboratory, and his team validated SmileMS on AB SCIEX instrumentation.

  SmileMS can be used with the broad range of AB SCIEX systems, including triple quadrupole and QTRAP® systems, as well as the new TripleTOFTM 5600 System, which is the fastest and most sensitive high-resolution mass spectrometer for high-performance qualitative and quantitative analysis. SmileMS has the capability to process a wide range of data, including high mass accuracy MS and MS/MS data. This GeneBio software complements AB SCIEX's Analyst® and Cliquid® software as well as being fully compatible with AB SCIEX's LC/MS/MS libraries for forensic, pesticide, veterinary and antibiotics analysis. Adapted to fast routine analysis, SmileMS also allows in-depth evaluation of results for use in food testing, pharmaceutical research, environmental testing and biomedical research.

  Nasri Nahas, CEO, GeneBio

  "AB SCIEX customers will have the advantage of using the best-in-class capabilities of SmileMS software for the identification of small molecules by mass spectrometry for fast routine analysis and in-depth research. We are extremely pleased to partner with AB SCIEX, a global leader in mass spectrometry technologies that has set the tone for innovation in this field. This relationship helps us to focus our efforts and expertise on software development to continue serving our customers' needs with powerful solutions."

  Joe Anacleto, Vice President and General Manager of the Applied Markets and Clinical Research Business, AB SCIEX

  "We continue to provide added value to our customers by working with companies like GeneBio to provide a way to enhance the identification and visualization of analytes. We believe the integration of SmileMS with our industry-leading systems will create new opportunities to improve results in clinical and forensic toxicology, among other fields that can take advantage of these capabilities."

  Thomas Grobosch, PhD, Head of the Laboratory, Institute of Toxicology in the Clinical Toxicology and Poison Information Centre

  "SmilleMS is able to optimize the identification of drugs, poisons and toxins with their metabolites from data acquired on both low and high resolution AB SCIEX instruments. These results are helping improve the institute's ability to deliver specialized laboratory services."

  About AB SCIEX

  AB SCIEX is a global leader in the development of life science analytical technologies that help answer complex scientific challenges. The company provides scientific instrumentation, software and services used to discover new drugs, advance medical science and protect the food supply and the environment. AB SCIEX technology solutions combine the highest performance with the highest reliability to enable our customers to fuel scientific discovery, deliver results with confidence and improve the quality of life. The company has a more than 20-year history of innovation and market leadership as the former Applied Biosystems/MDS Analytical Technologies joint venture. For more information about AB SCIEX, go to www.absciex.com.

  About GeneBio

  Geneva Bioinformatics (GeneBio) SA is a leading bioinformatics company providing the life science community with world-class software that bridges the gap between information gathering and knowledge generation. Established in 1997, we offer to the market a suite of software platforms and knowledge-bases targeted at small molecules screening and protein research. Close ties to academic peers and a thorough network of distribution and strategic partners give us both unfettered access to scientific excellence and recognized market presence so that we may best serve the scientific community. For more information about GeneBio, please visit: www.genebio.com.