Avantor:Mallinckrodt Baker正式更名

2010-10-10 11:22 来源: 杰帝贝柯化工产品贸易(上海)有限公司

        2010年10月1日,Mallinckrodt Baker inc正式更名为Avantor™ Performance Materials,从而翻开全新的历史。

        Avantor™ (发音:ah-VAHN-tor) 来源于:

        Avant, which means “leading” or “innovating” (as in avant-garde); Avan,t意味着“领先”或“创新”

        Tor, which means “mountain.”Tor,意味着“高山”

        “Avant” captures our new energy, innovation, passion and bold, cutting-edge ideas. ‘Tor’ signifies our aspiration to achieve new heights of performance and quality. The name Avantor™ captures the heart and soul of innovation; pushing known boundaries and overcoming obstacles. It tells you we’ll be a high-tech company that is bold and energetic, passionate about helping you soar to new heights, take on new challenges and achieve new breakthroughs. It promises you a market-leading partner in advancing cutting-edge performance.


关于J.T.Baker :

  杰帝贝柯化工产品贸易(上海)有限公司(JTBs)于2009年正式成立,是美国Avantor™ Performance Materials的全资子公司。Avantor™ Performance Materials拥有的J.T.Baker和Mallinckrodt 两大品牌有130多年的历史,其化学品领域的高品质产品,最优化的应用方案和功能性检测可以满足客户的高端应用需求,并确保高精度和高重现性的结果。 Avantor™ Performance Materials即之前的MallinckrodtBaker Inc公司。