About us

www.antpedia.com, built on October 2007, is the professional website for scientific instruments and analytical testing, and the name of antpedia means Analysis aNd Test encycloPEDIA.

Antpedia.com is the leading internet service provider in the scientific instruments and analysis/testing field in China.

It attracts more than 3 million visits every day, with Alexa traffic rank of about 5,500th globally, and about 400th in China.

The other unique resource of antpedia is: the huge real-name database of the experts in the Analysis & Test industry has been built, with the number of entry 150,000 people in China, and they are carefully divided into different categories according to the instruments they are familiar with and their application areas. The value of real-name database is, very accurate and high efficiency, because many people wouldn’t change their name, mobile phone, working e-mail address, applications and instruments they are familiar with for 5 ~ 30 years. This is the unique characteristic of people in scientific and testing industry.

Real-name database distribution: according to the instruments experts are familiar with

Real-name database distribution: according to the applications experts care about

The Analysis & Test industry is related closely to many application areas such as environment, food/beverage and food safety, pharmaceuticals and drug analysis, life sciences, petrol-chemicals, chemicals, materials, energy, on-line analysis, mobile measurement, etc.; over 80% visitors to Antpedia come from laboratories, experts, professional technical personnel and purchasing decision-makers in the Analysis & Test industry, including both the Science & Technology personnel engaged in exploratory research and the technical experts engaged in standardized tests.

What you can do on antpedia.com?

Antpedia focuses on providing the most advanced internet services for the Analysis & Test industry, and has won the recognition and praise from a great number of customers after years of efforts. The main content of the website and the services include:

Information platform: including latest information on the industry, original news collection and editing reports, Topics/Minisite, commercial information, product buying guide etc.

Webinar on-line network workshop: reduces the communication distance and the communication costs, acquiring buying leads

On-line trading mall (New!): The first on-line trading platform of laboratory products and services in China. It is Tmall in the Science and testing field. Link sellers and buyers on mall.antpedia.com, pay on-line. Selected, valuable, save, fast, quality assurance……

BBS, blogs and groups: industry-leading Web 2.0 mutual platform

Searching: search all the information on antpedia.com by searching service

Antpedia.com & Wechat on Mobile devices

Our service

● 5 platform

We built 5 basic platforms to help release/publish/show/sell on-line, more than 20,000 companies/groups have built their home on antpedia.com.

1) Instruments/Consumables/Reagents Book:Unparalleled Industry-leading company exhibition platform on the website, including the elements to show your product or service perfectly: text, picture, applications show, news/PR, videos (unique), pdf display on line(unique), total solution show, two categories structures, related to the Labspace and events, and so on.

2) Employment:professional employment/recruitment platform

3) On-line trading mall:The first on-line trading platform of laboratory products and services in China. Best on-line channel for selling: consumables, reference material, parts/accessories, analysis service, even instruments.

4) LabSpace:Where laboratories can create profiles that they can use to spread influence and develop new cooperation. More than 2,000 laboratories have joined in.

5) Events:platform for meeting, symposium, exhibition and training

● Integrated branding promotion services

Antpedia provide integrated branding promotion services based on the classic brand marketing promotion model, using these services, you can systematically planning affect people's awareness of the brand (including brand and product brand), to establish and maintain the brand. The main model shown as following.

Include the following several parts:

(1)for the information telling,

Advertising on antpedia.com is the top choice, because of the highest traffic ranks in this industry ,

EDM based on the real-name database is very useful.

PR articles could help ensure that the information of the brand be frequently sent to customers and enhance the customer experience.

(2)for the knowledge broadcasting,

Webinar could help to make the brand more credible, and also get rich buying leads. -------amazingly!

(3)for the concept guiding,

Depth reports could help to make the brand more attractive; we have built professional news editors both in Beijing and Shanghai.

(4)integrated tools to show the brand such as Minisite.

Including products, applications, celebrating events, you gave us the basic material, and we gave you the result!

These methods to establish brand and maintain the impression of brand in customer’s minds have been used widely and confirmed by many famous companies such as Agilent, Thermo Scientific, PerkinElmer and AB SCIEX etc.

Protocol: build your brand on antpedia.com

Our Team

All the staff of antpedia.com, are the professional personnel in the fields like chemistry, biology, materials, environment and etc. We are familiar with the principle of the Analysis & Test industry, have more than 15 years marketing experiences in the industry, and have built a long-term good cooperation with many laboratories and experts in the industry. With its deep understanding of the industry, tracing and using the new internet technologies, and its idea of long-term insistence on taking root in the Analysis & Test industry, Antpedia has provided a variety of value-added services to companies, academic conferences and organizations, laboratories, experts, etc., and has received lots of appreciate from its copartners.

Leading internet service provider in the scientific instruments and analysis/testing field in China. Visit us: www.antpedia.com