IPAC 2012 Conference Organization

2012年1月13日 11:07:24 来源: 中国仪器仪表学会

  The International Process Analysis & Control Congress, China 2012 (IPAC 2012) is the first event sponsored by China Instrument and Control Society (CIS).

  IPAC 2012 is a professional conference which takes Process Analysis,Control and related technology as its core.

  Sponsored by:

  China Instrument and Control Society (CIS)

  The undertaker:

  East China University of Technology

  Zhejiang University

  general chairs:

  Guofan Jin (tsinghua University)

  Youxian Sun (Zhejiang University)

  Wanzhen Lu (Research Institute of Petroleum Processing)

  Program committee:


  Guibin Jiang ( Research Center for Eco-Environmental Science, China Academy of Science )

  Vice Chairs:

  Shaohong Jin (National Institutes for Food and Drug Control )

  Qinhan Jin ( Zhejiang University )

  Buyu Huang (Sinopec Engineering Incorporation)


  Siliang Zhang (East China University of Science and Technology)

  Hongfu Yuan (Beijing University of Chemical Technology)

  Huchang Qin (National Institutes for Food and Drug Control)

  Guoan Luo(Tsinghua University)

  HuangXian JU (Nanjing University)

  Yi Chen (Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences)

  Tiegen Liu(Tianjin University)

  Shaoyuan Li (Shanghai Jiaotong University)

  Huanwen Chen (East China Institute of Technology)

  Mingqiang Zou (China inspection and Quarantine Institute)

  Organizing committee:


  Youhua Wu (China Instrument and Control Society)

  Feng Qian (East China University of Science and Technology)

  Jian Chu (Zhejiang University)


  Changhou Li (Shanghai Institute of Biological Engineering)

  Wuxuan Lv (China Academy of Safety Science)

  Xiaoli Chu (Research Institute of Petroleum Processing)

  Huihua Yang (Guilin University of Technology)

  Luhong Wen (FPI)

  Zhixiang Yao ( Guangxi University of Technology )