GB 18151-2000
Laser guards (English Version)

GB 18151-2000
Standard No.
GB 18151-2000
Chinese, Available in English version
Release Date
Published By
General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People‘s Republic of China
Replace By
GB/T 18151-2008
GB/T 7247.4-2016
This standard specifies the requirements for various long-term and temporary (such as maintenance) laser protective screens used to enclose the working area of laser processing machines and the specifications of special laser protective screens. This standard applies to all components of protective screens including visually transparent screens and windows, laser (protective) curtains and walls. Requirements for other parts such as optical path devices, light barriers and protective covers that do not enclose the processing area of laser products are included in GB 7247. In addition, this standard also points out: a) How to evaluate and standardize the protective properties of laser protective screens; b) How to choose laser protective screens.

GB 18151-2000 history

GB 18151-2000 Laser guards was changed to GB/T 18151-2008 Laser guards.

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